Every Lana Del Rey fan knows some of the singer’s best songs lie in the sea of unreleased, undiscovered songs floating around on the internet that eventually surface and become cult favorites. "Ultraviolence" is her magnum opus, and this is her crown jewel. See where all of Lana Del Rey's songs have charted in the UK Across her 20 songs that have charted inside the UK's Top 100, Lana has amassed 5.2 million chart sales. By far the best Lana song. Don't like her myself. We rank Lana Del Rey's 20 best songs ever. Also, I live in ny and whenever I ask people if they know who lana del rey is, they say "o that girl who sings summertime sadness"? With the new Lust For Life era fast approaching, we chose a list of the 10 best Lana Del Rey songs that we could keep on repeat forever. Totally original. Try it. Shades of Cool. Last night I decided to wade into the murky territory of the #deep web to find her best undiscovered songs. But here it showed up to be a win combination. Her voice is so unique and perfect- absolutely stunning! They're both probably involved in some crime and gambling and her life completely depends on him. What more could you want than a beautiful woman with a beautiful voice singing a beautiful song? This Is My Story. It's my favorite color and my favorite tone of song. Ultraviolence is a piece of art. She sings it with such grace and class- I love it! When you listen to this one more often, You'll appreciate it more. The tops on this list don't even come close. I'm so addicted, and this track I bet is the best track she ever have. fb. The drum beat at 4th minute is wow... Long live Lana. Halsey is just a tumblr sad girl who hasn't really been through what she writes about. Lana's cover for this classical song is dreamy and haunting in the very best ways. It exudes the sense of mystery, and still when I close my eyes I somehow feel happy. It's my favorite song from her I give all votes to this. This song really speaks to me and others who are insecure about being able to be loved and puts such an interesting spin because it shows that even those people who seem to have everything going for them can often feel truly worthless when it comes to things that matter. The way her voice climbs to hit your soul at the end of the song is amazing. This Is Lana Del Rey’s Most Important Song, The 50 Best Songs To Blast When You’re Sad And Want To Wallow In Your Misery. The lyrics are great too.. It also reminds me of the memories where you're sitting at the beach, lying in the sand at sunset just listening to the waves. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. Your number 1 fan babe I love you. It pales in comparison to Born to Die, which expresses love in a way that isn't even borderline cheesy (like Video Games or Blue Jeans) but, however bleak and existential it may seem, prioritizes the true virtues of love. It is one of my favourite songs ever! Being slowly built with heavy guitar and extremely long notes, this is the lana's song that will make you feel melancholic and at the same time it will leave you with a feeling of satisfaction. Every time I listen to it I get goosebumps, just so emotional. What is the greatest Lana Del Rey album ever? "Born to Die", besides being the album's titular title song, symbolizes the entire album and, in a way, Lana's musical legacy. "Born to Die", "Ride", and "Summertime Sadness" are my top 3. Summertime sadness is good, but not even close to her best songs. Well, if we listen carefully we can understand the story of her love life in every song of her. Overall, it's just a beautiful song. The beat, the lyrics, the emotion, all with a great singer to begin with!Lana is such an inspiration. The chorus makes one feel like they are flying and on top of the world and it is so relaxing but entirely amazing at the same time. Beautiful meaning and lyrics too. The song is a perfect inspiration for art, other lyrics, and much more. It definitely deserves a higher ranking than 43rd. This song is so emotional and it just makes me want to dance and it gives me a feeling no other song has before. The topic is quite different compared to a lot of Lana's song, but I absolutely love it. My top 10 (in no particular order): Blue Jeans. This song should definitely be in the top ten, if not higher. best line is definitely "I'm your little harlot starlet queen of coney island" I smile whenever I hear it. I'm on Spotify right now listening to Lana. This song has always, and will always be my number one, so lets make it everyone elses! Such a damn cool song. Very unique style, this song won't be another everyday type of song most of people listen to, but guaranteed about it's finest. And the instruments are amazing. Love is the best Lana Del Rey song for me because this is the only song where she genuinely expresses happiness. Oh, and not to mention those horrid lyrics. Because she mentioned that she's singing only for one man in real. She should make songs like this at least two in a album. I doubt many people know this song cause its HEAT, and should be #1. Lana loves Terrence Loves You and admittedly this smokey, jazz club cut may only be on the list because of this amazing video. ♥. One of the best indie pop artists ever, Lana Del Rey's discography has been met with positive reception ever since her 2010 debut album Lana Del Ray.Since then, two of her studio albums have hit number one on Billboard charts. Every Lana Del Rey fan knows some of the singer’s best songs lie in the sea of unreleased, undiscovered songs floating around on the internet that eventually surface and become cult favorites. That chorus itself is ANGELIC. Her unreleased ones will always be the best along with the album ultraviolence. Terrence Loves You. It's refreshing, haunting and gives you the chills. "We were two kids, just tryin' to get out,Lived on the dark side of the American dream.We would dance all night, play our music loud,When we grew up, nothing was what it seemed. I love the meaning and how Lana wrote the lyrics from her heart and how she shares what she thinks of beauty and true freedom. I stumbled on this randomly and I'm hooked. Oh wow, why is this at 18th place? She is incredible. Lana in this song is making even the death seem to be beautiful by her voice. Billie is a talented singer, but she doesn't relate to me as much as Lana but she is very talented. It fits so beautifully into that one scene, that I instantly fell in love with it.It pulls my heartstrings. She muses on how this generation’s youth maintain a sense of wonder and empowerment in the face of adversity, due in part to … Her vocal range in it is amazing, too. The only reason born to die, summertime sadness and blue jeans are the top three is because no one listens to her not as popular songs! This should be number 1 and Summertime Saddness should be right behind it on number 2. This song might be one of her best yet. It's spectacular. I imagine the ginger sky, the kind of day that makes you feel you are free. Really, really addictive. It's definitely hard to choose a favourite from Lana since every song of hers a masterpiece. Didn't really listen to Lana much till I heard this song. She started her career in 2005 originally as "Lizzy Grant". When I first heard Lana I was stunned because I actually felt something when I heard her voice, no other song made me feel something before. Dark American Heartbreak Love Ballad ahh, Hauntingly beautiful song. I'm hooked. Applause for Angelina Jolie for asking Lana to sing this cover for the "Maleficent" movie. Listening to this song makes me imagine things like she was singing this song in a masquerade ball. From the moment it was announced that Lana Del Rey’s next album was going to be called Norman Fucking Rockwell, ear-scorching lyrics were a given.Today, the … This is her most focused, beautiful, and nostalgic-feeling song I've heard and none of her other songs really suit her image better than this song. Seriously though this is my favourite. I tried listening to this song while on my car, when the sky was a bit plum (early in the morning and about to rain) and the song perfectly fits in the mood. Her voice is unique and calming to listen to. 23. Very emotional and I could listen to it everyday (which I do). Learn more about working with Thought Catalog. Lana Del Rey has an entire library of unreleased songs. I just love it so much. Love you Lana and this song. To me, it just means so much. This song is Lana's legend. Her voice in this song is so captivating! This song is my ringtone though ^^, This song is my favourite from the ultraviolence album. "Bel Air" has a wistful, lighter feel than many of Lana Del Rey's best known songs. This used to be my favorite song and I miss listening to it all the time, it would hit me hard.. My Best Days. She only gets better and better with every album! I've never heard a better song in my opinion. Heard this song 2 days ago and I'm obsessed. Love it. This honestly makes me think of all those memories where you're drunk and so carefree but having fun. Then, she takes that and makes it a nursery rhyme beat with strange baby reference lyrics. I heard this song in the Great Gatsby, when Daisy and Jay Gatsby are in the lawn and they're talking near a tree, after they silently slip away from the hustle and bustle of the party. Pop heads, we're ranking the best Lana Del Rey albums of all time. SongsLover – 3d Songs – Latest Tracks – Latest Albums – Top Music Album 3d Songs – Top Quality music website we have 320 kbps music files, every month we release our top and best of the month tracks, every latest track and latest music album available on songslover. This song is just peppy and wonderful. It's so much easier to see the pain, hope, loyalty and desperation. (It would be awesome). "My old man is a thief and I'm gonna stay and pray with him till the end""I'm not afraid to say that I'd die with out him"If you haven't read or really listened to the lyrics, you should.This song also has a very different sound, but amazing nonetheless. Definitely not her most popular song but I think that's one of the best things about it. She debuted in 2011 with the single "Video Games". It is so emotive and basically just all round an amazing song! 0/10! 8. One of her finest work the beat, the lyrics, it is magnificent, This song is sooo catchy and the best song by Lana, it should be at the top 5 at least. Her songs are reflections on romance, loss, loneliness, and fame. The first verse talks about how he wanted both her and his video games, with the chorus saying she resents that and that she wants him to love her entirely, not split in half. I love how her voice can change from low to high effortlessly, and it sounds so bittersweet. Lana herself has admitted that it's her favourite song of ultraviolence and she has reason. And you would be so right. The way she sings makes ne melt. These are some of our favorites! And her music is brilliant I cry every time I hear her songs because I relate to her. Then the second verse explains about before she met him, and then when they were dating. Lana Del Rey for life! on August 22, 2019. Now she is the singer, songwriter and model, but in her 15 she suffered from alcohol abuse. It's heartbreaking and beautiful. tw. She puts so much emotion into it and the vocals are really good! The lyrics are wonderful and along with the music just make the most beautiful combination. One of my favorites. Her voice in this number is really something special. Love the atmosphere of the song, the only female artist capable of singing about her nether regions and still sound fabulous. The way her voice just swoops up to those delicious notes, the way the interval leap just HITS you in all the right places, EVERYTHING. Beautiful song I will be listening to it more often. The lyrics are perfect, with sadness, anger, and serenity. Play online or download to listen offline free - in HD audio, only on JioSaavn. This song is actually so beautiful, it should be number one. Probably because I know he won't but I don't want to admit it. You guys really need to listen to her leaked stuff. There is a certain something about this song. I like that its more up beat than a lot of her other songs. The dichotomy between the chorus and the verses are really entertaining, and really quite emotional ("I say, I say") and the last minute of the song always gives me goosebumps. Honestly I could vote for any one of her songs, they are all amazing, but I decided on this one because it kept calling me back. The bridge is perfectly placed and the chaotic sense of it is an interesting change in the overall theme of the song. You may unsubscribe at any time. September 9, 2019. It makes me feel comforted. 1 Why She and Her Songs Rocks 2 Bad Qualities 3 Discography 3.1 Studio Albums 3.2 Reissues 3.3 Box Sets 3.4 Extended Plays 3.5 Singles Her songs are inspirational. I love the way she sing it. I've seen videos of her crying while singing this song, she's so raw with emotion, and I just love every second of this song. My favorite part is the fast paced bridge that builds you up and builds you up to the final powerhouse chorus with your blood pumping and heart racing, Another Lana Del Rey song that I'm addicted to. One of her best written/constructed songs. … :-), It has so much meaning and gives such a good insight into Lana's life when she was younger. I love the beat, lyrics, and the meaning behind them. This should most definitely be number one! I know you will..." it breaks my heart because it seems that she knows he won't love her but she doesn't want to admit it.. You can feel the pain in her voice. From "Lust for Life" to "Video Games," Lana Del Rey has been spreading the sad girl gospel for nearly a decade. If you haven't listened to this then do it now! Lana Del Rey as always is expressing my feelings. PURE LOVE THAT'S WHAT THIS SONG IS :D, Top Ten Worst Things to Be the God or Goddess Of, Countries With the Most COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Cases, Best Fitness Center Chains and Gym Franchises. Every one of her songs is so beautiful!But I'm still voting for this one because of that man who could have worked on Lana's song together. Shades of Cool never fails to make me happy. This song should be ranked a little higher. Keep in mind that this has nothing to do with my personal favorites — that would be really tricky, but I may do it another time. Very true, Lana, Thank you for making this song. Can't get enough of itYou can practically feel the bohemian vibe igniting in every melody, I love all her songs they are so different from any artist I've heard. Listen to top songs featuring Lana Del Rey on JioSaavn. It's such a beautiful song, it's hard to chose between Ride and Video Games though. This is song is my cure. This song is so passionate and I never get sick of it. I heard someone who described Lana's music perfectly, it's "like being injected with dark waves and purple and gold dust". This is a bit more fact than opinion. This one has always left a mark. Really really really love this song heart touching, Best song on the album and the best song she ever made.